Manga Materials

The highlight of the museum!
The “Wall of Manga” filled with 50,000 books!!

The main focus of the Manga Museum's collection is a body of approximately 50,000 publications from the 1970s which are arranged in an open access library system that spans 200 meters throughout the building called the "Wall of Manga".
Much of the manga on the Wall of Manga was received as a donation from the rental bookstore Okubo Negishi Books, which was in business for roughly 20 years up until 2005. Anyone can take a book from the shelves to read so please start thinking about what you will read first!

The books on the Wall of Manga have been divided into shonen (boys) manga on the 1st floor, shojo (girls) manga on the 2nd and seinen (young adults) manga on the 3rd floor.

  • The Manga Hall of Fame
    The Manga Hall of Fame

    The walls of main gallery are covered in bookshelves that are filled mainly with popular and influential manga from the Taisho era (1912-1926) to 2005.

  • Manga Expo
    Manga Expo

    The place where you can read translated manga and manga from around the world!

You can access to the old manga magazines and post-war rental books!
Research Reference Room

Within the collection, 250,000 materials are kept in the archives for conservation. Of these materials, those that have been sorted and cataloged may be accessed on request for research purposes in the Research Reference Room upon registration. The room is available registrant is over 18 years old.

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