A request to our visitors, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19

Visitors Guidelines

  • Smoking is prohibited throughout the museum.
  • Photography and video of the exhibition items and books within the museum is prohibited in order to protect copyright. Additionally, general photography for commercial purposes is prohibited.
  • Please limit use of mobile phones to areas that will not disturb other guests.
  • Please refrain from eating and drinking within the museum building. You can eat and drink at the lawn however take your own garbage with you. We have museum's café facilities as well.
  • The museum does not have a car parking lot. Please use public transportation.
  • Our bike parking lot capacity is roughly 80 bikes. (small motorbikes also ok)
  • Admission on electric cart (mobility scooter) is not possible.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • The museum is not responsible for accidents which occur due to customer carelessness.
  • You may be asked to leave if you are disturbing other guests.
  • Bringing dangerous goods into the museum is forbidden.
  • Interfering with management of the museum is forbidden.
  • You may not hold speeches or assemblies, distribute fliers, questionnaire survey etc., or sell goods within the museum premises without prior permission.

People with disabilities

  • People with mobility impairments or cognitive disabilities, as well as atomic bomb survivors are given free admission to the museum. (Please provide proof (or MIRAIROID) of disability, or bomb survivor designation upon arrival)
  • In principle, one assistant accompanying you will be granted free entry to the museum. *We do not consider children younger than elementary school age to be aides in attendance of persons disabilities.
  • You may bring a seeing-eye dog, hearing assistance dog, or service dog.
  • People with disabilities may use up to 3 spaces in the bike parking lot. (If you wish to travel by car, please contact us ahead of time.)
  • There is an access ramp at the entrance for wheelchair users.
  • The building is fitted with an elevator for wheelchair users.
  • Accessible restrooms are on the 1st floor (ground level) and 2nd floor.
  • Please feel free to ask the staff about other barrier-free details.

Adults accompanying small children

  • There are 3,000 picture books in the children's library.
  • The museum does not provide rental baby strollers.
  • There is a baby changing table in the 1st floor restroom (ground level).
  • There is a room provided for nursing mothers, please ask a member of staff.

For visiting groups