Witness the power of manga with your own eyes!!

See and enjoy, see and feel, see and be amazed by the world of manga. It’s a feeling that you’ll never forget.

The manga museum offers things to see like nowhere else, including original artwork that let you feel the thoughts of the manga artist in a way that you can’t sense from the printed books alone, as well as Kamishibai performances that are rarely seen in the modern day, and demonstrations of the manga production process.

Permanent Exhibition

A giant phoenix in flight in the museum Tezuka Osamu was known as the god of manga, and the title character from his manga Phoenix warmly watches over the atrium of the museum.
So impressive!! The Phoenix hum
When did the history of manga start? What is the scale of the manga industry? Are there rules of how to read? ...
Everything you never knew about manga
Questions about manga are systematically explored in these exhibits.
Original illustrations and plaster casts of manga artists’ hands
Here you can see countless exhibits of genuine artifacts that can only be seen at the manga museum, including plaster casts of the drawing hands of well-known artists, autographs, and illustrations of maiko.
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Temporary Exhibitions

Recommended The museum holds a regularly changing program of exhibitions that can alter the way you view manga culture. From exhibitions that meet your desires to see the raw manuscripts of a particular manga artist, to exhibitions that explain the depths of manga history linked to modern day popular manga.
Limited time exhibitions!!
planning planning planning
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Time warp! Yassan's Nostalgic Kamishibai The booming voice of a performer calling ‘the kamishibai is starting’ (‘kamishibai ga hajimaruzo~’) echoes through the museum. Follow that voice and you’ll reach a scene of Showa period nostalgia... find yourself invited by the sounds of roaring laughter, and laugh along to return instinctively to your childhood. Yassan's Nostalgic Kamishibai
You can even buy sweets and die-cut candy
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Manga Studio

Professional demonstrations of manga production!! Do you read manga every day, but still wonder how manga is actually drawn? In this corner, you can see an up-close demonstration of artists at work drawing manga, from their initial rough sketch and inking, to coloring of the artwork. img_workshop_mamyu
A glimpse from the other side! You can even ask questions about drawing! Manga Studio Editor's Desk
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