Make today a one-day manga spree!!

Enjoy a carefree day reading manga sprawled out on the lawn, or in the atmospheric historical building.Wherever Manga EXPLORE NEW MAGNA WORLD

Enjoy the nostalgia of that manga, and reunite with this manga.
Forget time and immerse yourself in manga. There is no time in your life like the present.
Choose from the world’s largest collection of approximately 300,000 volumes.


Immerse yourself in manga all day to your heart’s content...
The ‘Wall of Manga’ bookshelves that stretch from the first to the third floor of the museum, are packed full of manga. You cannot help being excited even you aren’t so familiar with manga.
The Wall of Manga
Being able to read in your own style is yet another appeal of the museum!

It’s great to read outside sprawled out on the green grass, or in a corner nook of the staircase. Manga is best read while relaxing, so please spend your time at ease, reading in your own style.
Japanese manga as well as translations and comics from abroad.

Adults, children, grandpa and grandma alike, everyone can enjoy manga together.

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Research Reference Room

Read even more! Please register for access to 250,000 items.
A resource naturally suitable for visitors with research purposes, but also for people who just want to read old magazines from long ago. Head to the third floor research reference room!

Research Reference Room
Masterpiece materials!

Within the hidden underground archives of the manga museum, sleeps a trove of nostalgic magazines that many of our visitors would have read years ago, including issues of Jump, Sunday, and Magazine, to Margaret, Ribon, and Nakayoshi.

Why not revisit some old nostalgic manga?!

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