So many manga-related things

Exciting! Thrilling! A wonderful encounter

What fun to go out shopping and eating! After you satisfy your cravings please wander into the museum shop to ponder over the overflowing variety of character goods available to purchase!


The museum shop stocks a rich array of original goods only available here.It can be hard to choose among the wide variety of manga
T-shirts, hand towels and so on. Please also pick up an item featuring our mascot Mamyu. Some stocks are limited, so don’t miss out!
  • Popular with foreign visitors
  • Hand towels make a pleasing souvenir
  • Professional manga art supplies for when you’re tempted to draw
  • Only here! You can find the goods featuring out mascot Mamyu!

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Savor coffee and meals while taking in the impressive manga artists’ illustrations and autographs that fill the walls around you. The wall is running out of space. Look! They’re even on ceiling! The café sometimes has amusing menu items tailored to the current exhibition, so come check it out!

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