[Manga Studio] September Artist Schedule

☆Manga Studio Artist Schedule☆


1(Sat) Kojima
2(Sun) Noda/Kojima
8(Sat) Kojima
9(Sun) Noda/Kojima
15(Sat) Kojima
16(Sun) Kojima
17(Mon) Noda/Kojima
22(Sat) Kojima
23(Sun) Noda/Kojima
24(Mon) Noda/Kojima
29(Sat) Kojima
30(Sun) Noda/Kojima

Hello from Manga Studio. I am Eiyu Kojima.

This time I made very much summer like illustration as it's been very very hot here in Japan.

Now we have"Counselling Room for Drawing Manga" for people who don't know how to improve their skills. If you need advice please come and see us with an interpreter.