"Ballet Manga ~Leap above the beauty~" "MM Workshop" related workshop

Let's make a mobile

While making cut-outs, we can learn about ballet poses and positions. Let's make a dancing mobile that floats in the gentle breeze! There is also a corner when you can practice the five basic ballet positions. If it's your first time, make sure to try it!

Date and Time

July 7 - September 23, 2013, every Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Every day between July 20 - August 25

(1) 11 am ~, (2) 1 pm ~, (3) 2 pm ~, (4) 3 pm ~ , (5) 4 pm ~

Make sure to line up at the venue 10 minutes before the workshop starts.

Venue Kyoto International Manga Museum 1F Atrium
Fee Free
* However, a General Admission ticket to the Museum is required.
Required time About 45 minutes
Capacity 12 seats
Participation no pre-registration required, reception at the venue

What is a "mobile"??

Mobiles have a long history, and are loved around the world as folk art, interior decoration, and as moving statues (kinetic art). Mobiles are shaped like scales very often, and another characteristic is that they include items kept in balance being hung from the ceiling. The movement of the delicate and beautiful mobile, swaying to and fro, and the positioning of the different cut-outs looks a lot like ballerinas dancing on a stage.

How to make a mobile

Choose 3 patterns for mobile cut-outs.

<Sample Patterns>


Work1: Cut out the patterns.


Work 2: Glue 2 paper cutouts of the same pattern together while slipping a string between them.


Work 3: Hang all the motifs from the wires, now it's done.



You can take your mobile home with you.
Please enjoy the delicate movement of it at home.

Ballerinas are flexible. Let's try ballet's basic positions!


To dance ballet well, you must practice (in lessons) every day. One of the most important part of every day's lesson are the five basic positions (the five basic positions for feet). All ballet performances start from one of these five positions, and end with one of them too. If you can remember these, ballet will be more fun to watch. Please try them all out by putting your feet on the seals stuck to the floor.

*Please note that the schedule, performers, and contents are subject to change.

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