The face is the most important part of a character.
The face is also the most fun to draw.

We will teach you how to draw a face!

While looking at samples of faces and hairstyles,
you can easily learn how to draw a face.
Once you have the basics down
you will be able to draw the faces of charming characters!

MM Workshop

Let's learn how to draw a face!

Date January 7 - March 11, 2012
*Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays during above period.
*On February 18 and 19, the workshop is not held.
Venue Kyoto International Manga Museum, 1st Floor, Atrium Hall
Hours 11am - 5pm(Final participants will be admitted at 4:30pm.)
Production time about 30 minutes
Admission fees Free
* However, a General Admission ticket to the Museum is required.
Participation method Pre-registration is not required, admittance in order of arrival. Please register in front of the room of the venue.

There are many parts in one face!

<contours, hairstyle, eyes, nose, mouth>



Image of the workshop form

There are two kinds, the one for beginners,
where the position of the parts is already drawn, and the advanced one,
which is difficult but where you can draw freely.


A finished sample

Please pick parts you like and put them together.
Of course you can draw your own original parts.

A finished sample

-IMRC- 国際マンガ研究センター
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