Mini-Manga Artist Experience

Nakayosi festa & MM Workshop collaborative project vol.2
Mini-Manga Artist Experience

Using actual drawings by Nakayosi's manga artists, this is a workshop that will let you experience being a manga artist! Let's work on finishing a piece while exploring the techniques used to draw manga, such as inking in a pencil drawing and spot filling an area!


Every day between July 19 - August 31, and every Saturday, Sunday, and holiday between Septmber 6 - 28, 2014
Starting at
(1)11:00, (2)11:30, (3)13:00, (4)13:30, (5)14:00, (6)14:30, (7)15:00, (8)15:30 and (9)16:00.

*Admissions start ten minutes before the each workshop starts.

Venue 1st floor atrium workshop corner
Fee Free * However, a General Admission ticket to the Museum is required.
Time required About 60 minutes
Capacity 6 people for each session
※When more than 6 people wish to join, we use the lottery system to choose participants.
Target age Over 10 years old

Advanced reservation is not required.
Please sign up at the venue when the workshop reception opens



"Kigurumi Guardians"

Kigurumi Guardians

You'll turn into a handsome man if you kiss a stuffed animal suit!? A thrilling stuffed animal suit adventure, battling with otherworldly enemies.

Mini-Manga Artist Experience

"CocoLogical Crystal Girls"

CocoLogical Crystal Girls

One day, led by her birthstone, garnet, Kokoro wanders into cyber-land... The space was known as "Box", governed by birthstones and dancing. A new type of a dazzling fantasy experience!

How to participate in this workshop

1. Please choose an assignment sheet from three types below.

*The assignment sheets change each period. See below for upcoming choices.





2. Our workshop staff will show you how to use
drawing materials and techniques.

3. Let's try!!

Please take your work home with you!!

Please note that the schedule, performers, and contents are subject to change.
-IMRC- 国際マンガ研究センター
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