International Research Conference

What Exactly is "Overseas Manga/Comics"? - The Forefront of Comics and Globalization

The Kyoto International Manga Museum and the Kyoto Seika University Manga Research Center have worked hard to present to the public not only Japanese manga, but also "overseas manga/comics" from around the world.

In this event, co-hosted by the Overseas Manga/Comics Division of the Japan Society for Studies in Cartoon and Comics and the Women's Manga Project, manga/comics in the context of globalization will be discussed from a number of perspectives, as outlined below.

The guest speakers will include the recipients of the Fourth International MANGA Award (by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), who are themselves at the forefront of the globalizing culture of manga/comics, and as such their thoughts should prove to be of great value.

There will also be an International MANGA Award Exhibition Area where you can read the winning works.

We are honored to present to you the opportunity to think deeply about the rich world of "overseas manga/comics," which has been garnering more and more attention in recent years.

Day and Time March 6, 2011, 1pm - 5:30pm
Venue Kyoto International Manga Museum, 3rd Floor, Research Room 1
Admission Fee Free *However, a General Admission ticket is required.
Capacity 50 (seated in order of arrival)
Application Method No prior application is necessary.


* Except for Round Table Discussion, this event will be in Japanese only. No English translation will be available.

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Symposium Schedule and Speakers


Time 1pm - 2pm
Topic Not Made in Japan: "Manga" and "Manga Artists" in America
Speaker Shina Yukari (overseas manga publishing agent and translator)

Research Presentation

Time 2:10pm - 3pm
Topic The State of Comics in Vietnam
Speaker Kato Sakae (Researcher of Vietnamese Literature at Daito Bunka University)

Round Table Discussion

Time 3:10pm - 4:10pm
Topic Discussion of the Current State of Manga/Comics by Winners of the 4th International MANGA Award
Speaker Xiao Bai. Manga Artist, Winner of the 4th International MANGA Award Gold Award (China)
Enrique Fernandez. Manga Artist, Winner of the 4th International MANGA Award Silver Award (Spain)
Verachai Duangpla. Manga Artist, Winner of the 4th International MANGA Award Gold Award (Thailand)
Fujimoto Yukari. Associate Professor at the Meiji University International Japan Department (Moderator)


Time 4:20pm - 5:20pm
Topic Overseas Manga/Comics and Japanese Readers
Speaker Ono Kose (Manga Critic)

About the International MANGA Award

The Award was created in 2007 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as a form of cultural diplomacy through popular culture. It is open to all comic artists who do not hold Japanese citizenship. An open application process has been used since the 2nd Award to recognize young up-and-coming artists.

We have had an area in the Manga Museum explaining the Award and showing past winners. In addition, winners of the past three Awards have visited the Museum and shared information and experiences with Japanese researchers and artists.

In addition to the three winners of the 4th International MANGA Award who will visit the Museum, Olivier Martin and Sylvair Runberg also received the 4th International MANGA Award Silver Award for Face cachee (France, 2010).

Xiao Bai
"Si loin et si proche"

Verachai Duangpla
"The story begins with..."

Enrique Fernandez
"La Isla sin Sonrisa"

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