Original Artworks of Mochizuki Mikiya's

Wild 7 Exhibition

This exhibition of original artwork from the monumental action manga Wild 7 commemorates the 55th anniversary of the manga debut of master artist Mochizuki Mikiya. The appeal of Mochizuki's opus Wild 7 comes from a story full of ideas that surprise the reader, and even more so, from his unique art style of fresh, dynamically composed images, and detailed depictions of motorcycles and guns supported by historical research. In the original artwork displayed here you can see the secrets behind that appeal, his pen and brushwork, and traces of collage.

Period January 14 - February 9, 2016
◇10am - 6pm (Admission to the museum is until 5:30pm)
◇Closed: Wednesdays
Venue Kyoto International Manga Museum, 1F Entrance 

Free * However, a General Admission ticket to the Museum is required.

Content Exhibition of 16 original artworks from Mochizuki Mikiya's Wild 7.

「Wild 7」 © Mikiya Mochizuki

「Wild 7」 © Mikiya Mochizuki


A Wild 7 limited edition original print series is on sale through the museum shop (only available to people living in Japan), with 7 different replicas of original art available for purchase (size: 660 x 505 mm). Each print is limited to 200 copies (it is not possible to choose the number). They are signed by the artist and come in a customized box.

* The expected delivery date of these goods is late March, 2016.

* The collection of customer personal information by Kyoto International Manga Museum (sales) and Gakken Plus (production, shipping) will only be used for the sale of the requested art prints.

* We apologize that we cannot offer international shipping.

About Wild 7

An action manga that was serialized in Shonen Gahosha's magazine Weekly Shonen King from 1969 to 1979, Wild 7 was originally declared unsuitable for shonen (boy's) magazines as it was feared it would lose its readers due to the setting in which "villains who cannot be legally punished are killed without trial by a group of outlaws". However it gained great popularity due to its magnificent motorcycle action scenes, a story strewn with foreshadowing, and the charm of the main protagonist Hiba Dairoku, and it was even adapted into a TV drama in 1972.

Throughout the series some of the main cast of characters died and were replaced, adding thrills and suspense to the story, but while the story progressed underpinned by a foreboding that all of the remaining Wild 7 group members would die in the last episode, Hiba's fate was left unclear in the final conclusion.

Numbering 48 volumes in total, it was an exceptionally long-running series for the time. Also counting reprint editions, there have been over eight million copies sold to the present day.

After serialization of Wild 7 ended, intermittent sequels were published due to popular demand by readers, including New Wild 7, Continued New Wild 7, Hiba, and Wild 7 R (Returns), etc. Then in 2011 a live action film (Starring Eita) was also released. Last year in 2015 the full-color manga series W7 New Century Wild 7 and Wild 7 R were newly published, continuing the Wild 7 universe today.

Mochizuki Mikiya's Profile

Born in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. Mochizuki worked as an assistant for Yoshida Tatsuo the founder of Tatsunoko Productions anime studio, and then debuted in 1960 in a special issue of Kodansha's Shonen Club with Tokudane o oe (Chasing after the scoop). In 1964 his series Himitsu tantei JA (Secret detective JA) was serialized in Shonen Gahosha's magazine Weekly Shonen King. He became a big hit, and had work published in many other shonen (boy's) magazines. In 1968, under the penname Mike Hustler he began serializing Mad dog and progressed to seinen (men's) magazines. He went on to earn high acclaim with numerous military history titles such as Saizensen (Frontline).

Wild 7 began its 10 year serialization from 1969, and proved to be a monumental work of action manga that has left its mark on manga history. Including its sequels, it has been read by a great many fans.

Mochizuki is a big soccer fan and has contributed to the popularity of the sport. He concurrently acted as manager and player for the celebrity soccer team THE Miira, which also included various TV personalities.

His other representative works include Kennedy Knights, Yoake no Mackie (Mackie of the dawn), Ore no Shinsengumi (My Shinsengumi), Yasashii washi JJ (Gentle eagle JJ), and others.

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