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© 土田世紀

We are holding an exhibition showcasing all 18,000 pages of original drawings--each and every piece found to be remaining--by manga artist Tsuchida Seiki, known as a "genius" for continuously releasing many brilliant works such as "Orebushi", "Henshuo" and "Onajitsuki wo Miteiru (Under The Same Moon)", yet passing away at the mere age of 43.

Many related projects and events will take place, such as talks by manga artists who have resonated with Tsuchida's works, and exclusive publication of books available on demand during the length of the exhibition.

Period May 31 - August 31, 2014
10am - 6pm (Admission to the museum until 5:30pm) *Closed: Wednesdays
*Open every day between 7/10 and 8/31
Venue Kyoto International Manga Museum, 2F,
Gallery 1・2・3 and 6
Fee Free
* However, a General Admission ticket to the Museum is required.

Structure of the exhibition

Showcasing of Tsuchida Seiki's approximately 18,000 pieces of original drawings

  1. Placing Tsuchida's early works as the period of "Ore," [a Japanese word describing a masculine self] the exhibit introduces works such as "Yarikirenai Kimochi"--an unreleased piece created before his debut, "Miseinen", "Sotsugyo", "Ei-chan", "Tackle Beat", and "Orebushi" where he portrays men's unfocused youthful angst in a blatant yet sensitive manner.
  2. After the period of "Ore," Tsuchida Seiki becomes a popular manga artist publishing hits such as "Henshuo" and "Aryama Koryama". Representing an era where Tsuchida produced a massive amount of works, this section of the exhibit has manga manuscripts filling up the walls and even the floors.
  3. Transitioning from an era of frantically drawing as a popular manga artist, he enters the period of the "Moon," philosophically depicting relationships with others and nature from a dynamic yet tranquil worldview. The exhibit showcases works such as "Mizu no Naka no Tsuki", "Onajitsuki wo Miteiru (Under The Same Moon)", and "Kumo Izuru Tokoro".

土田世紀 「俺節」 © 土田世紀

土田世紀 「同じ月を見ている」 © 土田世紀

Exhibit of exclusively drawn pieces by tribute artists

Manga works

Arai Hideki (The World Is Mine) / Shinanogawa Hideo (Virtus) / Aono Shunju (I'll Give It My All... Tomorrow)


est em (Golondrina) / Sugimura Shinichi (Cho Gakuenhojin Suta Gakuen) / Kamijo Atsushi (TO-Y) / Nihonbashi Yowoko with Kiuchi Teru (Shojo Fight) / Matsumoto Taiyo (Ping Pong) / Yaguchi Takao (Tsurikichi Sanpei) / Takahashi Yoshihiro (Ginga) / Kurata Yoshimi (Aji Ichi Monme) / Kikuchi Shota (Osen)

新井英樹 © 新井英樹/土田世紀

上條淳士 © 上條淳士/土田世紀

すぎむらしんいち © すぎむらしんいち/土田世紀

えすとえむ © えすとえむ/土田世紀

日本橋ヨヲコ+木内亨 © 日本橋ヨヲコ+木内亨/土田世紀

松本大洋 © 松本大洋/土田世紀

Related Events

Matsumoto Taiyo, Arai Hideki and Sugimura Shinichi
"Talk About Tsuchida Seiki"

Manga artists Matsumoto Taiyo, Arai Hideki and Sugimura Shinichi, who have resonated deeply with Tsuchida's works and have also drawn up tribute pieces exclusively for this exhibition, will talk their hearts out on the topic of Tsuchida Seiki, with "IKKI" (published by Shogakukan) editor in chief Egami Hideki.

Date and Time July 27, 2014,  2 - 4pm
Venue Kyoto International Manga Museum 1F Multipurpose Hall
Fee Free * However, a General Admission ticket to the Museum is required.

Matsumoto Taiyo (manga artist),
Arai Hideki (manga artist),
Sugimura Shinichi (manga artist),
Egami Hideki (IKKI Editor in Chief / Tsuchida's editor in charge),
Yoshimura Kazuma (Kyoto Seika University Faculty of Manga professor)

Capacity 200 seats  (on a first come basis)
Participation No prior registration required
*We will distribute numbered tickets in the museum at 10 pm, on the day of the event.


Symposium: Discussing the archival of manga's original drawings
What do we do with 18,000 pages of Tsuchida Seiki's original drawings?

18,000 pages of Tsuchida's original manga drawings were collected for this exhibit. With their destinations after the exhibition as an example, we will discuss the archival and utilizing of original manga drawings, an increasingly frequent topic in recent years.

Date and Time August 31, 2014,  2 - 4pm
Venue Kyoto International Manga Museum 3F Research room 1
Fee Free * However, a General Admission ticket to the Museum is required.

Egami Hideki (IKKI Editor in Chief / Tsuchida's editor in charge),
Oishi Takashi (Yokote Masuda Manga Museum),
Hagura Kayo (Tsuchida Seiki's copyright successor),
Ogawa Tsuyoshi (Sojo University Faculty of Art associate professor),
Yoshimura Kazuma (Kyoto Seika University Faculty of Manga professor),
Ito Yu (Kyoto Seika University International Manga Research Center researcher)

Capacity 50 seats  (on a first come basis)
Participation No prior registration required

Publication Project

Publication and distribution of on-demand book series "SEIKI's Anthology"

We are releasing Tsuchida's works that are currently difficult to find, in a selected five-volume publication. The cover illustration is a tribute piece by manga artists inspired by Tsuchida's works. The book will be available on demand exclusively at the exhibition.

Tribute Illustrators
est em / Kamijo Atsushi / Sugimura Shinichi / Nihonbashi Yowoko with Kiuchi Toru / Matsumoto Taiyo

Tsuchida Seiki profile

Tsuchida was born in 1969 in Yokote city, Akita prefecture. He debuted as a manga artist with "Miseinen" when he was 17. His many outstanding works include "Orebushi" "Henshuo" and "Onajitsuki wo Miteiru (Under The Same Moon)".
"Onajitsuki wo Miteiru" received the Japan Media Arts Festival Excellence Award in 1999, and was made into a live-action film in 2005. "Henshuo" was also made into a live-action TV drama series in 2000, and so was "Giragira" in 2008.
His timeless themes and dialogues that directly hit the readers' hearts, combined with his genius ability to draw has attracted many admirers, not only among manga fans but artists such as fellow manga artists and musicians as well. He passed away on April 24th 2012, at the mere age of 43.

About the publication of celebratory book "SEIKI"

Coinciding with the exhibit, a commemorative book titled "SEIKI" will be published from Shogakukan. You will not only be able to read many of Tsuchida's works such as the unreleased piece "Yarikirenai Kimochi" published here for the very first time, but the book is filled with various informational content of commentaries and timelines in addition to newly created tribute manga pieces by Aono Shunju, Arai Hideki, and Shinanogawa Hideo.


Many artists of various forms in addition to the manga artists who have created tribute works, have lent their talents for this entire project including the exhibition.
Sobue Shin, a book designer known for his fresh innovative constructs has worked on the flyers/posters, the cerebratery book "SEIKI", and the on-demand books.
Also, the titling of the flyer/poster is by artist and calligrapher Sandaime Uotake Hamada Shigeo alongside MAYAMAXX.

Please note that the schedule, performers, and contents are subject to change.
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