Nouvelle Bande Dessinée Exhibition
Artists connected by French comics


French comics, bande dessinée (BD), are surging in popularity even in Japan, yet the full extent of their appeal has yet to be widely recognized.

Many BD artists also produce other kinds of artwork and this exhibition introduces artwork aside from BD (such as illustration, film, animation, music, etc.) by six promising BD artists from Europe.

Encounter not only the appeal of BD artwork by young artists, but beyond that, each artist's world-view as expressed through their unfettered, inspiring creative endeavors across a variety genres!


March 15 - May 25, 2014
10am - 6pm (Admission to the museum until 5:30pm)
*Closed: Wednesdays (Except for April 30)

Venue Kyoto International Manga Museum, 2F, Gallery 4
Fee Free * However, a General Admission ticket to the Museum is required.
Exhibiting Artists

A-li-ce, Fumio Obata, Freddy Nadolny Poustochkine, Gaëlle Duhazé,
Jérôme Boulbès, José Parrondo.

Exhibition contents

A-li-ce: Original artwork, replicas, video. Approx 15 pieces.
Fumio Obata: Original artwork, replicas, video. Approx 20 pieces.
Freddy Nadolny Poustochkine: Replicas, video. Approx 20 pieces.
Gaëlle Duhazé: Original artwork, replicas, product packaging. Approx 30 pieces.
Jérôme Boulbès: Original artwork, video. Approx 35 pieces.
José Parrondo: Original artwork, music, etc. Approx 35 pieces.

(Total of 6 artists, presented in no particular order)

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BD, Anime and Manga
- from the perspective of overseas artists.

A public talk by exhibiting artists Jérôme Boulbès and Fumio Obata.

Date and Time March 16, 2014 2 pm - 4 pm
Venue Kyoto International Manga Museum 3F Research room 1
Speaker Jérôme Boulbès (Animation artist)
Fumio Obata (BD artist)
Fee Free * However, a General Admission ticket to the Museum is required.
Capacity 50 seats (on a first come basis)
Participation Pre-registration is not required. 



[Fucking Wonderland」 © A-li-ce


A-li-ce was born in Dunkirk (France) in 1981. She obtained a Master degree in 2006 from the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) in Paris and now works in video arts. A-li-ce is her solo performance pseudonym. She has produced video for stage and since 2008 has performed as a VJ (video jockey) within France and internationally around Europe. In 2011 she was awarded second place in a French VJ contest. Her best known work is the Fucking Wonderland project. She is presently based between Berlin and Paris.


「Smile!」 © Fumio Obata

Fumio Obata

Fumio Obata was born in Tokyo in 1975. He immigrated to Britain in 1991 when he was a senior high school student. He holds a Master degree from the Royal College of Art in London, and from 2003 to 2008 worked at an animation studio. In 2008 he undertook an artist residency in Angoulême, France and released his first BD album L'incroyable histoire de la sauce soja (The incredible tale of the Soy sauce) with Canadian publishing company Les Editions de La Pastèque in 2011. Since 2013 he has lectured at the University of Gloucestershire and currently lives in Cheltenham (England).


「Journal」 © Freddy Nadolny Poustochkine

Freddy Nadolny Poustochkine

Freddy Nadolny Poustochkine was born in Montargis (France) in 1977. He graduated from the École supérieure des arts décoratifs de Strasbourg. He made his publishing debut in 2001, then repeatedly spent lengthy stays in Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan. His representative works include La Colline empoisonnée (Poisoned hill) published by Futuropolis in 2010, La chair des pommes (Flesh of the apple) published by Ego comme X in 2006, and others. He is currently based between Vietnam and France, and has also recently taken his hand to producing video artwork.


「Petit monstre Rouge」 © Gaëlle Duhazé

Gaëlle Duhazé

Gaëlle Duhazé was born in Paris (France) in 1979. She holds a Diplôme d'études appliquées (DEA) postgraduate research degree from the University of Nantes. Following her studies she moved to Angoulême, of BD festival fame, and self-studied painting. Since 2007 she has worked as an illustrator for children's books. She presently works designing event posters, and product packaging for French supermarket Monoprix, as well as continuing her illustration work. Since 2009 she has lived in Nantes, and continues to work as a freelance artist.


「Kodama」 © Jérôme Boulbès

Jérôme Boulbès

Jérôme Boulbès was born in Casablanca (Morocco) in 1969, and raised in Paris. He works as an animation director, illustrator, and computer graphics artist. He majored in illustration at the École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs (ENSAD), and has worked as a freelance artists for game companies. His first animated short, Le Puits (The well), was awarded at many international film festivals. His most recent work Le Printemps (The spring) was screened in the short film section of the French Film Festival in Japan.


「forêt-wood」 © José Parrondo

José Parrondo

José Parrondo was born in Liège (Belgium) in 1965. After graduating from photography technical school, he self-studied illustration. His publications focus on BD and children's books. He is also musical and plays the ukulele, etc. and in Belgium has released CDs and performed in concert. His most well known work is Allez raconte! (Let's tell, published in Japanese by Kurashiki Picture Books as Pierre and Jeanne no papa! Ohanashishite!), which was made into an animated series in France, broadcast in 2006, followed by an animated feature film theatre release in 2010. He lives in Liège.

*Please note that the schedule, performers, and contents are subject to change.

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