Crossing Borders: Mahler's Manga Park


Thomas Bernhard Alte Meister, Suhrkamp, 2011年
『詩』「悲観的(左), 楽観的(右)」
Gedichte, Insel Verlag, 2013年
Mein Therapeut ist ein Psycho!
(edition moderne)2011年

The Kyoto International Manga Museum proudly presents comics artist Nicolas Mahler from Vienna, Austria, who has gained international renown with a multifaceted work, stretching from humorous depictions of social issues to comics adaptations of Austrian novels. Upon this occasion of his first exhibition in Japan, the artist will visit Kyoto and give a talk on how he views cartoons, comics and manga.

Period December 2, 2014 - February 8, 2015
10am - 6pm (admission to the museum is until 5:30pm)
Closed Wednesdays, as well as during the period from Thursday, 29 December through Saturday, 3 January.
Venue Kyoto International Manga Museum, 2F,
Galleries 1, 2, 3.

* However, a General Admission ticket to the Museum is required.


Through cartoons and comics, short films and 3D objects, the exhibition presents the broad range of Mahler's artistic world in form of a "park."

  1. Cartoons that address CosPlay, figures and other aspects of Japanese pop-culture, as well as narrative comics that spoof the American comics industry and hikikomori stay-at-homes
  2. Witty images of philosophical concepts (including original drawings)
  3. Graphic-novel adaptations of Robert Musil's Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften and Thomas Bernhard's Alte Meister
  4. An introductory overview of comics culture in Austria, with a special emphasis on the Karikaturmuseum Krems, and a reading corner

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Lecture "Mahler's View of Comics: Between Humor and Graphic Novel"

Mahler's work seems to hover between two poles, single ironic images on the one hand, and graphic narratives, based on literary novels, on the other hand. The different importance of these formats for the artist, his creative techniques, and the hopes he holds for comics are at the center of this talk.

Japanse Manga artist Shiriagari Kotobuki will join the event!

Shiriagari Kotobuki is a manga artist who is drawing gag manga that present a critical view on social and philosophical topics, is going to take part in a newly arranged second part of the event. Shiriagari and Mahler will have a discussion on humor and literature in manga, as well as on their methods of expressing them.

*Since the second part of the event is newly arranged, the ending time for the event also changed. We hope for your understanding.

Date December 6, 2014, 2pm - 4:45pm
Venue Kyoto International Manga Museum, 1F, Multi-purpose hall

Part 1
2pm - 3:30pm


Nicolas Mahler (comics artist)
Chair and consecutive interpretation: Jaqueline Berndt (Kyoto Seika University, imrc)

Part 2
3:45pm - 4:45pm


Nicolas Mahler (comics artist)
Shiriagari Kotobuki (manga artist)
Chair and consecutive interpretation: Jaqueline Berndt (Kyoto Seika University, imrc)


* However, a General Admission ticket to the Museum is required.

Capacity 200 people (on a first come basis)
How to participate No pre-registration required
* Numbered tickets (one ticket for both parts) will be distributed on the day of the event from 10 am.


Nicolas Mahler

Born in Vienna, Austria, in 1969. Taking his departure from fanzine publications in the late 1990s, Mahler began to attract attention as a peculiar gag cartoonist in the early 2000s. In German, he has been publishing in newspapers and magazines and also worked as an advertisement illustrator aside, while his comics appeared in book form first in French. In recent years, his work has come to be acknowledged beyond the comics scene, mainly due to his adaptations of Austrian novels. In the fall of 2013, the Karikaturmuseum Krems held his first solo exhibition in Austria.

Please note that the schedule, performers, and contents are subject to change.
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