Manga Magazine Reading Room

Manga Magazine Reading Room

The Kyoto International Manga Museum/Kyoto Seika International Manga Research Center currently holds 300,000 manga/comics and related artifacts in its archives.

In this room, for the very first time, we give visitors access to a part of this huge collection, items that due to their value and fragility have never been accessible without prior permission. Therefore, we have named this new room "Manga Magazine Reading Room".

The appeal of manga magazines is unique and very different from that of single manga volumes, make sure to have a look.You might be surprised to discover that "this manga and that manga were published in the same magazine, and were released around the same time!", or you might get nostalgic and think: "I used to love this swimsuit model", or "I used to drink the soda advertised on the last page of this magazine".

Opening days
and hours

Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday
10 am. - 4:45 pm.

*Please note that when there is another event at the same venue, the room might be closed to visitors, and the room might be closed for other reasons without prior notice.

Venue Kyoto International Manga Museum,
3rd floor, Research Room 1
Admission Fee Free
* However, a General Admission ticket to the Museum is required.

The Magazine Reading Room will close its doors on July 12 (Thursday), 2012.
You will still be able to read manga magazines on the 1st floor,
where a new book shelf will be reserved for this purpose.
We will make sure to add more material, please enjoy reading!


Exhibit content

In the room there is panel that explains how to get the most out of reading manga magazines. The exhibited manga magazines will be replaced with different ones regularly. (There will be no notification of change in content) </p>

[ MMblog ] (4 August, 2011)
 "Come and find something new at the museum!"

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