Shojo manga apparel development project.

MaGiC = Cuteness magic spells from shojo manga

The shojo manga and fashion themed project "Kyoto Manga Girls Collection" (Kyoto MaGiC) first created clothing inspired by shojo manga in 2011 with the aim of developing a new industry in Kyoto.

For this third time, we are collaborating with Shueisha's weekly Margaret, which celebrates its 50th Anniversary, as well as Bessatsu Margaret, the exhibited clothes are all thematically based on two works that are running in these magazines, Mairunovitch (by Zakuri Sato) and Kimi ni todoke (by Karuho Shiina), and we are also organizing a fashion show.

The works that inspired the theme

© 佐藤ざくり/集英社マ―ガレットコミックス

Zakuri Sato's Mairunovich

A manga series that started running in the 2011 No. 2 issue of Margaret magazine (on sale every month on the 5th and the 20th). The high school student Mairu is nicknamed "poison mushroom" by her peers, and is a very mousy uninteresting girl. However, the coolest boy in the school Tenyu tells her that being ugly is not an excuse, and so she decides to start doing her make up and wear nice clothes. It's a coming of age story in which she struggles to find the ideal boyfriend. There are ten single volumes out now (by Dec. 25th 2013)

© 椎名軽穂/集英社マ―ガレットコミックス

Karuho Shiina's Kimi ni todoke

A manga that started running in Bessatsu Margaret (on sale every month on the 13th) in the September issue of 2005. High school student Sawako has a pure and optimistic character, but because she looks rather gloomy, she is called "Sadako", and is feared by her fellow students. However, thanks to meeting a debonair boy in her class, Kazehaya, the misunderstanding is solved. It is a bestseller about a wonderful youth, with love and best friends. There are twenty single volumes out now (by December 2013)

Collaborating companies and number of clothes


Muratado, Ltd. Total of ten outfits
(Maironovitch and Kimi ni todoke, 5 each)

Muratado is the oldest school uniform shop in Kyoto, designing, producing, and selling uniform since year 22 of the Meiji era (1889). Using their know-how gathered over 120 years, they have expressed the changing romantic feelings of the two characters of the main works in "uniforms". Muratado is also proposing a new kind of school fashion that is based on the image of the two works.

Muratado's website

Human Forum, Ltd. Total of ten outfits
(Maironovitch and Kimi ni todoke, 5 each)

Human Forum is a popular brand throughout the country, including Spinns, which follows contemporary trends while staying true to its own style, and mumokuteki, which presents natural clothes as well as other product. They will present Fashion useful in love, based on the image of both works, in which romance is a big theme.

Human Forum website

Works submitted by the general public two outfits

We asked designers from the general public to submit designs thematically based on the "Mairunovitch" and "Kimi ni todoke", and the two designers chosen (Sayuri Kobayashi and Mayu Otobe), and we will show on a fashion show.

Kyoto MaGiC Exhibition
Love! Blooms! Margaret
- A fashion show based on "Mairunovitch" and "Kimi ni todoke"

Apart from and exhibition of the clothes based on Mairunovitch and Kimi ni todoke, made for the Kyoto MaGiC project and shown in the Fashion Show, we are also showing material related to both manga.


March 23 - June 8, 2014
10 am-6 pm (Last admission 5:30 pm)
Closed days: Wednesdays (except 4/30), and 5/26 (Mon) - 29(Thu)

Venue Kyoto International Manga Museum, 2nd floor, Gallery 4.
Fee Free * However, a General Admission ticket to the Museum is required.


Zakuri Sato

Between 2008 and 2010 her manga "Obaka chan, koi katariki" ran in Margaret (on sale every month on the 5th and the 20th). From 2011 on, "Mairunovitch" has been running in the same magazine. The developments in this comical and high strung work are not just romantic, readers also focus on the fashionable style of the characters.

Karuho Shiina

She debuted in 1991 in Bessatsu Margaret (on sale on the 13th of every month) with "Kimi kara no sotsugyo". Between 2003 and 2005, her series "Crazy for you" ran in the same magazine. In 2005 she published the short story "Kimi ni todoke" in Bessatsu Margaret, and it was serialized the next year, turning into a major hit. It was adapted as an animated series, as live action, and in 2008 won the 32nd Kodansha Manga Award in the Girls' Manga Category.

Muratado, Ltd.

A school uniform store that has been designing, producing, and selling school uniforms since 1889 (Meiji 22). With the motto "Rooted in the community, contributing to society" they try to support schools in various ways. Historically and traditionally, they have continually presented new uniforms, and their "Eco sakura" line of new uniforms, which incorporates Kyoto tradition, is highly acclaimed.

Human Forum, Ltd.

Since their establishment in 1995 (Heisei 9), the company name hints at a "gathering of wonderful people". Starting with their young casual fashion shop Spinns, their brand is sold throughout the country. They are very popular with young customers, and have projects not just in fashion but also other areas of youth culture, like music and art.

The Kyoto MaGiC project

It is an abbreviation of Kyoto Manga & Girls & Collection, and means that this project is magic that changes the interior and exterior face of fashion. It focuses on the fashion drawn in girls' manga, but is not the same as "cosplay" (when people dress up like characters from a manga); by producing new products in manga fashion, that incorporate contemporary design, we plan to establish new industries. In 2012, Junichi Nakahara (lyrical illustration artist) and SOU・SOU made Japanese clothes, while Macoto Takahashi (manga artist) and Verona made a wedding dress.
In 2013, based on Moyoko Anno's "Sugar Sugar Lune", Romance and Pagong created clothes inspired by the fashion in the manga.

Related event

Kyoto MaGiC Fashion Show
Love! Blooms! Margaret
- A fashion based on "Mairunovitch" and "Kimi ni todoke"

We are organizing a fashion show where you can see twenty outfits made by Muratado, Ltd., Human Forum Ltd., and two independent designers, inspired by the themes "school fashion" and "fashion to fall in love" from Mairunovitch and Kimi ni todoke.

*You can watch the video of the fashion show at the Manga Museum on YouTube, click the link below.


March 9, 2014
First show: 1 - 2 pm (doors open at 0:30pm)
Second show: 4 - 5 pm (doors open at 3:30pm)
(The 2nd show is a rearrangement of the same content)

Venue Kyoto International Manga Museum, 1st floor, multipurpose hall.
Fee Free * However, a General Admission ticket to the Museum is required.
Capacity 150 people


Pre-registration required.

Please register in advance by return-addressed reply postcard (buy one at the post office, ask for "ofuku hagaki"), and fill out the required information (see below). If there are more participants than we can accommodate, participation will be decided by a lottery. The deadline is 2/18 (Tuesday).

Required information

On the side addressed to us

"Kyoto MaGiC Fashion Show" Kyoto International Manga Museum Karasuma oike, Nagakyoku Kyoto city 604-0846

Reverse side of above

1. Your postal code
2. Your address
3. Your name
4. Your phone number
5. The name of another participant you are bringing if applicable (maximum of two per card)
6. Preferred session time (a. 1st show, b. 2nd show, c. either)

On the return card

1. Your postal code and address
2. Your name
*Make sure to keep the reverse side blank.

The person in charge of the Kyoto MaGiC project writes about its progress on her blog!(Japanese)

MM Blog

The Kyoto MaGiC Project, 1st time (for more info, click here)
Kyoto MaGiC Exhibition "Shojo Manga and Fashion - The World of Nakahara Junichi and Takahashi Macoto"
Kyoto MaGiC Fashion Show "Shojo Manga and Fashion - The World of Nakahara Junichi and Takahashi Macoto"

The Kyoto MaGiC Project, 2st time (for more info, click here)
Kyoto MaGiC Exhibition "Cuteness magic spells from shojo manga"
Kyoto MaGiC Fashion Show "Cuteness magic spells from shojo manga"

*Please note that the schedule, performers, and contents are subject to change.

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