Ueyama Tochi's 7th Serving of Manga Cooking


© うえやまとち/講談社


© うえやまとち/講談社



Kyoto International Manga Museum has for many years presented its guests with events that show them there is more than one way to enjoy manga. There isn't just reading, manga can be enjoyed with all five senses, they can be seen, heard, smelled, tasted, and touched. One of these is our yearly and very popular "Cooking Papa" event, with Ueyama Tochi, who will star in our talk show while cooking several dishes.

We will be holding this event for the seventh time, and this time the theme is "Papa" (father)-themed, and we will cook dishes from this region. It will be a talk show where you can enjoy both aroma and flavor.

Time and Date April 20, 2014 2 - 4 pm
Venue Kyoto International Manga Museum 1F Multi purpose hall 
Fee Free * However, a General Admission ticket to the Museum is required.
Guests Ueyama Tochi(manga artist)
Yoshimura Kazuma(Kyoto Seika University Faculty of Manga Associate Professor)

Mr. Ueyama will make three "Papa" (fatehre)-themed dishes that also appear in the manga Cooking Papa. While you watch Mr. Ueyama's deft cooking skills, he will tell you some stories of what happens behind the scenes of manga creation. You will be able to taste the finished dishes on the spot. After the event, there will be an autograph session.

※ The autograph session is limited to the first fifty people who buy something related from the manga museum shop on the day of the event. (Please don't bring anything else to sign)

Capacity 200 seats(on a first come basis)
How to participate No pre-registration required
※ Numbered tickets will be distributed on the day of the event, starting at 10 am

Profile: Ueyama Tochi

Born in Fukuoka in 1954. He debuted as a manga artist in 1979, with the story "De-ai~Hariku kun no Nikki" [A meeting - The diary of Haruki], in Weekly Shonen Magazine (Shonen gahosha). In 1985, the series "Cooking Papa" started in Morning (Kodansha). In 1992 it was adapted as an animated TV series, and then as a live action TV series. On January 23rd 2014, the 126th single volume in the series will go on sale. It is a long-running manga that still continues, and the dishes featured in the series are all food that Ueyama and his assistants have cooked.

About Cooking Papa

The protagonist, Araikawa Kazumi, is a salary man from Hakata, Fukuoka, who works very hard. Because of his stoic character and rugged looks, he looks a bit scary, but he is a very good father and also a very good superior to his employees at work. He loves cooking, and often cooks dishes he is good at to provide comfort to other people. It's a feel-good culinary manga series of self-contained stories.

Past dishes made on
" Ueyama Tochi 's manga cooking" events

The first time (April 27, 2008)

*Link to Japanese page
The Italian Nabe (from vol. 1), Many boiled egg dolls (from vol. 3),
Young niku-jaga (from vol. 5)

The second time (April 26, 2009)

*Link to Japanese page
Hayashi rice (from vol. 2), Fruit spring rolls (from vol. 4),
Roughly-cut Chinese cabbage nabe (from vol. 96)

The third time (April 25, 2010)

*Link to Japanese page
Mustard Pollack egg rolls (from vol. 1), ratatouille (from vol. 45),
cocktails and soft drinks (from vol. 108)

You can watch it here on Ustream:
Ueyama Tochi's third serving of manga cooking - 1
Ueyama Tochi's third serving of manga cooking - 2

The fourth time (April 24, 2011) <With "diet" as a theme>

*Link to Japanese page
Capsaicin rice (from vol. 107), soup (from vol. 26), Kintsuba (from vol. 30)

You can watch it here on Ustream:
Ueyama Tochi's fourth serving of manga cooking

The fifth time (April 22, 2012) <With "marriage" as a theme>

*Link to Japanese page
Katsu-soba (from vol. 36), kiriboshi horse radish omelet (from vol. 60)
Mentai mouse (from vol. 112)

You can watch it here on Ustream:
Ueyama Tochi's fifth serving of manga cooking part 1
Ueyama Tochi's fifth serving of manga cooking part 2

The sixth time (April 21, 2013) <With "Hakata" as a theme>

Motsunabe (from vol. 18), Karashimenkon (from vol. 19),
Umegamochi ( from vol. 30)

You can watch it here on Ustream:
Ueyama Tochi's sixth serving of manga cooking

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