KYOTO Cross Media Experience 2009
Kyoto International Manga Museum, Karasuma Oike Area

Exhibition period Saturday September the 12th to Thursday, October the 1st, 2009.

10am to 8pm (admission until 7:30pm).
* Regular scheduled closures on Wednesday the 16th and 24th of September.
* Special opening on Wednesday the 30th of September.
* Open until 6pm (admission until 5:30pm) on Thursday the 1st of October.

Venue Kyoto International Manga Museum
Admission fee Adults: 500yen, High and Junior High school students: 300yen, Elementary school students: 100yen.

The KYOTO Cross Media Experience 2009 and related events can all be enjoyed for the general entrance fee to the Museum.

About the KYOTO Cross Media Experience 2009

Organized by an executive committee made up of industry and academic officials from all over Kyoto, this exhibition festival combines events related to high potential intellectual properties from popular culture such as manga, anime, games, films and so forth.

Kyoto is crisscrossed with this content from past to present. Modern media, traditional culture, travel and fashion, robots, music, food and so on, all convey new charms domestically and abroad.

This event aims toward the development of the entire city by acting as a meeting place between three regions of Kyoto; the Karasuma Oike area, Kyoto Station/Gion area, and the Uzumasa area.

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Exhibition Details and Related Events


Special Exhibition
The World of Bome, Bisyoujo Figurine Sculptor.

Exhibition period Saturday, September the 12th to Thursday, October the 1st 2009.

Planning and construction: Studio Cubics, Yotsuba Studio, Techno Pro Co.,Ltd.
Special collaboration: Kaiyodo Co.,Ltd.

Figurine prototype sculptor Bome is a craftsman, affiliated with the mass modelling corporation Kaiyodo, who is particularly well known as the top pioneering artist in the genre of bishoujo (beautiful girl) figurines, and has been for the last 10 years.

This exhibition provides an in depth introduction to Bome's beautiful girl figurines and the surprisingly broad range of their appeal, from people with no interest in beautiful girl figurines to the curators of foreign modern art galleries, by his thorough principles of modeling craftsmanship and artistic creativity.

Exhibition Details:

  • 80 figurines.
    Including "Onimusume" a 180cm life sized character figurine (Character design by Utatane Hiroyuki), six 1m tall Narusegawa Naru (Akamatsu Ken "'Love Hina" Heroine) figurines etc.
  • Actual modeling tools and explanation of Bome's bishoujo figurine creation process.
  • l Artworks made through collaboration with modern artist Murakami Takashi as well as transcripts from their fax communications.

Bishoujo Figurine Summit Showdown

Genius figurine prototype sculptor Bome and Miyawaki Shuichi, Managing Director of Kaiyodo discuss the world of figurines.

Date and Time Sunday, September the 13th 2009. 2pm to 4pm.
* Hall opens from 10am.
Capacity 200 people (admittance in order of arrival).


Talk Show

Kyoto's first class chef Murata Yoshihiro, head of Kikunoi talks about "Manga and Kyoto Cuisine", according to the world of "Aji ichibanme" a cooking manga by Kurata Yoshimi. After the talk show spectators will receive a free Kikunoi special bento (lunch box).

Date and Time Saturday, September the 26th 2009. 11:30am to 12:30pm.
Capacity 50 people (admittance in order of arrival).
* Numbered tickets will be distributed from 10am on the day. Limit of one ticket per person.

Genga'(Dash) Exhibition Series
The lovely and splendid world of Matsumoto Katsuji and Maki Miyako.

Elaborate high quality reproductions known as "Genga'(Dash)" of original artwork by Matsumoto Katsuji and Maki Miyako, who gorgeously depicted the aspirations of sweet young girls in the Showa era (1926-1989).

Exhibition period Saturday, September the 12th to Sunday, October the 18th 2009.

Selection Gallery - Kokontozai Series
The History of Four Panel Comic Strips - From Hokusai to 'Moe'

Four panel comic strips have been around since the Edo period (1603-1868)! This exhibition covers the history of four panel comics using precious historical documents such as Edo period woodblock prints and Taisho period (1912-1926) newspapers.

Exhibition period Saturday, August the 22nd to Sunday, December the 13th.


Screening & Lecture
Hiroshima International Animation Festival
- A Twenty Five Year Chronicle

A screening of the award winning films from the Hiroshima International Animation Festival, an international festival held every two years since 1985 based around an open review of leading-edge short animation works from around the world. This special screening will showcase the past 12 winning animations and a lecture and animation process demonstration by producer/director Kinoshita Sayoko will be held on the same day.

Date Sunday, September the 20th 2009.
Details -  11am-12:30pm - Lecture/Demonstration.
"The various thrills and vitality of animation!"
-  2pm-3:30pm - Lecture
"Hiroshima International Animation Festival - A Twenty Five Year Chronicle"
-  Special screening of the Hiroshima International Animation Festival award-winning works.

Screening & Lecture
Inter College Anime Festival 2009

ICAF is a festival which showcases a collection of student works recommended by educational institutions that offer technical animation courses. It will be accompanied by a symposium featuring animators Furukawa Taku, Katayama Masahiro and Kifune Tokumitsu, recollecting the progress so far whilst watching past works shown at ICAF.


Screening dates and times Monday the 21st of September 2009, 12:10pm to 7:30pm.
Tuesday the 22nd, 12:10pm to 7:30pm.
Wednesday the 23rd, 10am to 7:30pm.


Theme ICAF, yesterday, today, tomorrow.
Date and Time Monday, September the 21st. 12:10pm to 2:30pm.

Screening & Lecture
Canadain Animation Festival in Kyoto
CAF in Kyoto
pecial screening of short animation works by the Canada's National Film Board as part of an exchange project undertaken under commission by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2009, "Japanese and Canadian production power"

Former NFB marketing agent and international animation association representative Helene Tanguay will discuss Canadian animated films and the charm of Japanese and Canadian animation in a symposium with animator Yonesho Maya and others.


Screening dates and times Friday the 25th of September 2009, 5pm to 7:30pm.
Saturday the 26th, 10:30am to 7:30pm (Talk show from 2pm)
Sunday the 27th, 10:30am to 7:30pm.

Talk show

Theme 70 years of continuous animation, the charm of Canada's National Film Board.
Date and Time Saturday, September the 26th 2009. 2pm to 3:30pm.


MM x Hatena flip book manga workshop
Come and play with Nintendo DSi ™
Flipnote Classroom

Hands on workshop to make a flip book manga animation.

Date and Time Saturday, Sundays and Public holidays from Saturday, September the 5th to Sunday, October the 4th 2009.
11am to 5pm (participants continually received until 4:15pm)

CG Anime Classroom

A 3D computer graphics anime workshop aimed as elementary and middle school students.

Date Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th of September, 2009.


Cosplay assembly and parade.
COSJOY in Manga Museum.

Along with our regular cosplay assembly there will be a special edition staged as an opening event for KYOTO CMEX, a cosplay parade held in combination with a Kyoto student festival.

Date and Time Saturday, September the 12th
Details - Assembly
 10am to 6pm at Kyoto International Manga Museum.
- Parade
 11am to 1pm from Teramachi Oike to Shipukan


CMEX Opening Light-up Show
Town Decoration Project #001

The Rakuraku Machibura Kai association who have proposed new ways to enjoy Kyoto with the a bright Sanjo landscape will decorate the Manga Museum with an enormous light projection.

Date and Time Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th of September 2009. 6pm to 9pm.

In cooperation with: Art Complex Group Usagi Jirushi

Please be aware that scheduled times and dates, featured guests and event contents may be subject to change.

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