The Wall of Manga

The main focus of the Manga Museum's collection is a body of approximately 50,000 publications from the 1970s to the present day (2005) which are arranged in an open access library system that spans 200 meters throughout the building called the "Wall of Manga".

Much of the manga on the Wall of Manga was received as a donation from the rental bookstore Okubo Negishi Books, which was in business for roughly 20 years up until 2005. Anyone can take a book from the shelves to read so please start thinking about what you will read first!

N.B. In general the museum does not have books published more recently than the last 6 months in its collection.

Manga Expo:The place where you can read manga from around the world!


The place where you can read manga from around the world!

Manga Expo

We aim to provide an exciting experience for the 10 percent of visitors who come to the museum from overseas, hence the word "International" in our museum's name. Towards this end, we have been researching and gathering data about manga's reception overseas, and translating our signs and pamphlets into various languages.

As a part of the "Wall of Manga," where visitors can freely touch and read the manga on display, we included the "Manga Expo." Here, visitors can read comics from other countries as well as Japanese manga that have crossed borders and have been translated into other languages, with over 5,000 volumes in total.

Recently, Japanese manga is read widely overseas, and "manga" has become a familiar word around the world. Also, there are modes of expression in other countries that were developed differently than those in Japan. These differences reflect each country's and region's culture, and by reading their comics and manga, you might learn something surprising and new about a foreign culture.

Where: Near the entrance on the 1st floor.
Included in the Manga Expo: about 5,600 volumes of translated Japanese manga and foreign comics.

Japanese Manga Translated into Other Languages

Language Number of Manga
English About 1,000
German About 210
French About 550
Spanish and Catalan About 140
Portuguese About 200
Italian About 260
Other European Languages About 50
Thai About 490
Vietnamese About 210
Chinese (Traditional) About 1,340
Chinese (Simplified) About 300
Malaysian About 40
Indonesian About 90
Korean About 670

Comics from Around the World

Country・Region Number of Volumes
North America About 70
Bande Dessine'e (France, Belgium, and Switzerland) About 50
Spain About 20
South Korea About 30
China About 60
Hong Kong About 40
Taiwan About 40
Thailand About 60
Germany About 50

*We also have panels providing information about our "Manga From Around the World."

Apart from the foreign manga in Manga Banpaku, we have over 30,000 in our underground archives! You can gain access to them in the Research Reference Room on the third floor.
[ About the Research Reference Room ]

Norakuro: Manga from Before and After World War II

The MM navigation shelf for the confused

This is a special shelf on which we used to put publications about a certain theme, and it has not been updated and is the MM navigation shelf for visitors who need some help finding there way around in manga culture (September 2012).

There are over 300,000 holdings at the museum... Perhaps you have no idea where to start. If that is the case, then please consult this shelf on the first floor, in the atrium.

The theme of the shelves changes regularly, and you can read about updates on our blog. Make sure to have a look!


MM navigation Map

Norakuro: Manga from Before and After World War II

Norakuro: Manga from Before and After World War II

We have a special space in the atrium hall for manga from the pre- and post- war eras, which you can read freely.

This display contains the very popular "Norakuro" manga and others from the early Showa period.


Children's library



Children's library

This room used to be the teacher's room of an elementary school, and now houses about 3000 picture books, including some comics. This Children's library is aimed at mainly small children along with their parents and family. We created it with the idea that here you can read to your children.

* On weekends and when the museum is crowded, this room is reserved for children under twelve, and their guardians.


How to Search
for Manga on the Wall of Manga

The books on the Wall of Manga have been divided into shonen (boys) manga on the 1st floor, shojo (girls) manga on the 2nd and seinen (young adults) manga on the 3rd floor. They are further categorized alphabetically by author's name according to the Japanese syllabary, but if you are searching for a specific book please feel free to use the library database touch screen panels located throughout the museum.


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